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Why do we train? We have many different reasons and motivations. For some, we train to get fitter and stronger. For others, we train to look a certain way or to feel healthier. For some people, we train to rehabilitate past injuries or to restore mobility after years of incorrect postures that have lead to weaknesses in our bodies. At this moment in time we have never had so many options in the fitness industry, but now it's time to experience the evolution in functional movement. 


1. A full days training in the new and innovative KO8 Functional Movement methods. This exclusive learning experience isn’t available through any other training provider in the world. You will develop skills and knowledge that can be applied with your clients giving you an advantage over other trainers.

2. Opportunity to work alongside KO8 Founder, Kieran Owens & Academy Director, Sean Clancy to receive the ultimate KO8 experience. 

3. You will be awarded 10 REPs CPD points on completion of the assessment, which will fulfil the REPs annual requirement whenever you are required to register CPD points.

4. You will receive a KO8 Academy USB loaded with exclusive content not released anywhere else on the internet with fully broken down coaching points and exercises including a full class format to follow.

5. You have the option to be added to the “Find a KO8 Trainer” online database on the KO8 Academy website. This will display your working locations and contact details for clients looking for qualified KO8 training.

6. You will also receive an exclusive KO8 Academy T shirt which are given only to trainers who have completed the KO8 Functional Movement training.



- Mobility test/retest exercises and tips which will get your clients moving better.

- Muscle building advancements on how improving range of movement can increase strength and power production.

- Developing Thoracic spine rotation and force transfer.

- Joint stabilisation techniques to help resolve pain & preventing injury during explosive  exercises.

- Using the stretch-shortening cycle to optimise athletic performance.

- Owning the transverse plane


- Introduction to KO8 set up and health & safety demonstration for clients and classes.

- Session 1: Enhancing Fundamental Patterns of Push & Pull

- Session 2: Iron Core & Rotations for Performance

- Session 3: Movement & Mobility

- Session 4: Vitruvian Class & KO8 Gauntlet

- Debrief and Q&A with Founder and Academy Director


We invite you to become part of an illustrious group of trainers equipped with the unique KO8 skills to maximise your clients potential anywhere! Whether it be to train one to one with your clients, use for your own training regime or implement into a group class, the KO8 will prove to be the most efficient, portable and versatile piece of equipment you have ever used. Join us for this very informative yet enjoyable training experience filled with creativity, fun and new training inspiration!




Liverpool F.C strength and conditioning coach Jordan Milsom -

"We have found the KO8 to be an advancement on any suspension trainer on the market. It's versatility to work in any plane and load makes it unique. Quality piece of kit for all environments”


England Rugby strength and conditioning coach Neil Parsley -

“The KO8 is legit, in terms of offering both suspension and resistance in one complete package. It’s a game changer!”


European Tour Performance Institute Head Physio, Nigel Tilly - 

“We have been able to maximise the type of exercises we can do with pro golfers in a confined space, it's absolutely ideal!" 


Mens Fitness Magazine voted KO8 the “Best Suspension Trainer For Added Resistance”


Join us for a day of education & training a new and inspiring twist. This full 8 hour course will cover all aspects of suspension and resistance for sports performance, mobility, hypertrophy and our dynamic Vitruvian Movement classes and group training. This new and innovative training method welcomes all trainers, exercise professionals an fitness enthusiasts to come on board for the KO8 experience.